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Dedication to a great environment. A lot of time and effort went into the the design of Jalepenos Restaurante Bar and Grill. The newly renovated upstairs is quickly becoming a staple in the downtown community. Offering outdoor seating in the warmer seasons.

The addition ads to the nightlife offering music and fresh entertainment from around the area.

We appreciate the new customers and can't wait to offer you great food and a fun atmosphere.

Angie and Jovani have been in the restaurant business together since November 2011. Jovani began his restaurant venture as a server in a local Mexican Restaurant. After saving tips for about 3 years, Jovani and Angie were able to enter into a partnership to create "El Jalapeno Mexican Restaurante & Bar". In July of 2013, they were able to become 100% owners, give the restaurant a new and improved look and reopen as "Jalapenos Mexican Restaurante & Bar".

The restaurant business is Jovani's passion. He loves welcoming people in and serving them a dish that he is proud of. "I wanted to do something great while I and my family is young, so we are able to work hard now to make the restaurant successful. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that hard work will pay off". Wife, Angie, works alongside Jovani every day of the week with the same goals and intentions. "We balance each other very well and we love the challenges that the restaurant business has to offer."

"Along with excellent customer service, we strive to bring authentic, delicious Mexican food to your table. My grandmother always used to tell me, "the way to a person's heart is through their stomachs." We try to win our customers' hearts everyday by welcoming them to our "home" and providing them with our best Mexican food. We also try to be very convenient, because we understand that most people only have a short time to sit down for lunch or dinner. We want people to spend their time enjoying the food, not waiting for it."

The location of the restaurant proves to be a unique asset Jalapenos. It will feel like a vacation, a step into Mexico as you dine on the patio under the tiki-style thatch roof, next to the indoor water fountain, or at the full bar with a margarita in your hand (no passport required).

So next time you are in Wausau, make Jalapenos your destination!




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